AAA Welding Solutions

Founded in 2012 by Daniel Lamoureux, AAA Welding Solutions has become a reputable name in the Welding Industry. With added services and up-to-date knowledge, AAA Welding Solutions is continuing better than ever to provide welding businesses with the most comprehensive training and consulting services within Canada. Located in Sudbury, Ontario, AAA Welding Solutions has provided its services to businesses in and around Sudbury, throughout Ontario, Alberta and provinces in between with great success in ensuring maximum efficiency and increased profit margins for small and large welding operations.

With over 20 years in the welding industry, extensive education and knowledge of several different industries under many job titles, along with numerous certifications and customized services, AAA Welding Solutions is the answers to all your welding needs.

Welding Consultant

for welding theory such as welding symbols, welding codes and lean processes

AAA Welding Solutions can:

• Teach your engineers and welders to properly use and interpret welding symbols, which will also greatly reduce your non-conformant reports.

• Train your engineers and welders to better understand welding codes in order to reduce re-work and non-conformant reports.

• Analyze the business and shop procedures to make it as lean as possible by assessing equipment use and to ensure maximum efficiency by recommending up-to-date equipment with a high return on investment; in turn increasing profit margins.


Welding Trainer

for theory and practical weld tests for CWB and TSSA certifications

AAA Welding Solutions can:

• I will teach your welders understanding how to weld is more important than knowing how to weld. Making your welders the very best they can be.

• Teach your employees welding theory on numerous related topics. Click here for a complete list.

• Train your welders to gain the abilities to pass CWB and TSSA practical weld tests. Click here for approximate times and training available.

CWB Welding Inspector Level 2

for inspections under codes W47.1, W59, B31.3 and Z662

AAA Welding Solutions can:

• Visually inspect a project which falls under any of the above codes.

• Make sure your welding supervisors and welders are following engineered welding procedures. (WPDS)

• Upkeep and maintain necessary documentations for the project in question.

CWB Welding Supervisor

for supervisory needs for shutdowns and small contracts

AAA Welding Solutions can:

• Supervise a welding project or shut-down to make sure the schedule gets followed and respected.

• Make sure your project follows the engineered generated prints.

• Ensure the welders and fitters are working as safely and as productive as possible.

CWB Welder Fitter

for your welding needs during your busy times

AAA Welding Solutions’ Welder:

• Our welder has over 20 years experience as a welder fitter.

• Currently holds all position SMAW and all position FCAW/MCAW CWB tickets.

• Has Inter-Provincial Red Seal, NORCAT and Common Core Certification.